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Terrorism: An Investigator's Handbook, Fourth Edition, introduces law enforcement officials to the field of terrorism investigation, focusing on domestic terrorism in the United States. It describes how terrorists operate, what makes them different from other criminals, and how investigations should be carried out against terrorists. It also cautions law enforcement officers about the potential pitfalls of investigating terrorism.
The book is organized into five sections. Section I on the nature and threat of terrorism discusses the definition of terrorism, types of terrorism, and the things investigators must know about terrorists. Section II on investigative techniques covers interviewing techniques, polygraph tests, surveillance, informants, and undercover operations. Section III discusses the factors to consider when implementing investigative techniques against terrorists, such as the courtroom process and ethical issues. Section IV explains the application of investigative techniques to terrorism investigations, while Section V reflects on the future of terrorism investigation.
Investigating terrorism may be the most difficult challenge faced by law enforcement officers. This book will be particularly useful to criminal investigators seeking to enhance their investigative skills and knowledge.

* Not only does provides easy-to-follow directions with respect to what to do, but also on what NOT to do in response to terrorism attacks * Pedagogy includes key terms and concepts, chapter summaries, and "real-world" example boxes throughout the text * Equipped with a superior ancillary package

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